About Us

We are CitaChelle’ we really love looking and feeling beautiful, like all ladies do, and we want to show you ways that will keep you looking sexy and radiant!


We want everyone to feel good about their skin and how they look! Therefore,  our mission is to bring you great natural  inexpensive tips to put you on the path to achieving beautiful  healthy looking radiant skin, without the expensive price tag!  

We will let you in on secrets that the celebrities use and how you can achieve that same look and same  radiant looking skin at a fraction of the cost and without all the harsh chemicals that can damage your skin.

In addition to beautiful skin, we want you to know what to wear, when to wear it, and how to wear it! We know that everyone has there own style, but you will be surprised to see how much better that dress fits by incorporating one of our fashion flare tips!   Our motto is keeping it sexy, keeping it radiant!


We want to be known as the skin care experts as well as fashion tip experts you know and come to trust.

If you are in need of  help on where to go for great skin care and fashion tips, come to  CitaChelle’  for the answers!

Our Team

Meet our Skin Care & Fashion Tip Team


Founder & Skin Care Expert

Cita is one- half of the music group Kcita in which she goes by CitaJo, she is a songwriter, singer, composer and producer, and plays the keyboard as well. Cita’s  great passion for music parallels her intense passion to enhance natural and inexpensive skin care remedies.

Cita indentified many natural ingredients and started to combine them.

 After much testing she now has achieved results that are fabulous! Now she wants to share them with you to make you more radiant! 


Cofounder & Fashion Tip Expert

Chelle’ has always loved fashion and has a great eye for it.   She researches and keeps current with the latest fashion trends.  Chelle’ knows the do’s and the don’ts of fashion,  as well as what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it!!!

Doing Chelle”s  travels to various hubs, she observes and scrutinizes the wide spectrum of styles. Her unique flare of fashion enables her to capture the thrust of the latest fashion trends, and incorporate the essence of these trends into her fashion tips. Now she wants to share them with you to make you even more fashionable and sexier! 

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